domingo, noviembre 6

I've been trying something new

Perhaps for many of you is not so new! I will tell you something about me, I used to smoke, a lot; a few months ago, I decided it was time to leave it. My hair was very damaged, my skin looked old...
So I decided to take care of myself. Take care of my hair, as I showed in this post
And take care of my face, which I will tell you now!

I have a face with a little grease and blackheads. Also because of tobacco, it looked off.
So I searched and searched and found these wonderful face masks!
I've been testing them very little, but I see effects. 
They give vitality to the face, eliminate all the pollution and also allow you to have 15 minutes for yourself!
L'oreal Thanks for always being there, haha!
And I hope you liked to know a little more about me.